Shipping High-Value Freights with Load Board Logistics

Shippers always pay keen attention to the carrier’s ability to deliver freight with the utmost care, but when the shipment is sensitive, it’s even more significant task. With this type of freight, it is crucial to work with a professional carrier that has experience and knowledge of things like packaging best practices, latest modes of transportation for a specific shipment, and in-transit protection.

We will dive into some factors for packaging and securing your high-value freight, and explain how Load Board Logistics offers premium solutions for delivering your shipment safely from one place to another.

Package with additional care

Proper packaging is a major key when it comes to avoiding damage. This happens with any type of shipment, but sensitive or high-value items require more attention. If your shipment requires extra protection, here are a few tips to ensure it arrives at the destination with utmost security.

Use boxes, crates, and supplies

Lightweight boxes may be budget-friendly, but if you have freight that needs some extra care you need to use strong and durable boxes. If these boxes don’t provide adequate protection, shipment may require crating or another specialized packaging. To haul sensitive freight, multiple layers of opaque shirk wrap may be needed.

Label the shipment

Providing accurate and complete information on all shipping documents is necessary with a high-value shipment. It enables the carrier to know imperative details like where and how to deliver the freight. It sticks outside the box and includes:

  • Consignee name, delivery address, and phone number
  • The return label
  • Details about shipment
  • Reference number (if required)

The packing slip is a document that will be exchanged between the shipper and consignee. It must contain:

  • Shipper’s name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Consignee’s name and contact information
  • Shipment details, including:
  • Weight
  • Number of units
  • Bill of lading number
  • SKU number
  • Customer’s account number
  • Order date
  • Delivery date and time
  • Special handling instructions

Note: If shipping is more than one item, make sure to include this information for every single unit.

Get in-transit shipment protection

If you’re hauling sensitive and expensive goods, you know the need for shipment visibility in transit. You can count on skilled drivers and customer support staff to get your freight to its destination on-time. In addition to shipment tracking, these security measures can be implemented for high-value shipments.

Reduced stops along the route

We can implement processes to lessen stops while in transit, such as:

  • Reducing in-transit stops by having a full tank of fuel when is freight is received.
  • Use the drivers’ team for nonstop driving.
  • Planning routes ahead of time prevent abundant stops or delays.

Government escorts and police services

If you have a high-value or sensitive shipment that needs police or government escort services, Load Board Logistics can help. With HAZMAT and ITAR certification along with DOD security clearance, we offer a full package of solutions.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature-sensitive shipments are not just limited to high monetary value. If you’re looking for a climate control environment during transport, Load Board Logistics has a solution. We provide an extensive range of temperature-monitoring services.

Learn more about Load Board Logistics high-value freight solutions

To know more about how Load Board Logistics can help with your high value and sensitive shipment, or for a comprehensive review of your supply chain needs, call us at 1-888-517-4447.

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