Is Intermodal Shipping Right For Your Business Needs?

Business owners are always finding ways to save the company time, money, and improve transit strategies. While moving freight over the road offers several benefits, some shippers opt for intermodal as an alternative to traditional trucking options. It combines different modes of transportation for the efficient movement of freight.

Shippers who select intermodal can notice a reduction in transit costs, have more access to capacity, and experience optimized supply chain solutions. Understanding the characteristics of an intermodal shipment, the advantage of using intermodal can assist you to make the right decision to meet business needs.

Load Board Logistics

Characteristics of Intermodal Freight

How will you get to know whether intermodal is the right fit for your business or not? It’s best to go with if:

  • You’re moving finished goods such as food, farming, and industrial products with a weight of less than 43,500.
  • Freight is traveling 750 miles or more from pickup to delivery.
  • Cargo flow is continuous and in a similar quantity.
  • You’re moving products with an intermediate value.

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

While traditional shipping options are popular, using intermodal into your transportation offers several advantages:

Lower Costs

Intermodal shipping reduces costs by enabling each mode of transportation to move a shipment from origin to destination. Rail services are cost-effective because it’s cheaper to transport cargo via train rather than trucks.


Direct freight handling can causes damage, freight disruption, or product loss. Intermodal containers can travel on any equipment, the freight can be shifted between transportation modes without leaving the container. It reduces the number of times it’s handled and exposed to outside elements. In many cases, you pack your shipment, it remains in the container until it reaches the destination. 

More access to Capacity

OTR transportation is still a part of the shipping process, the absence of drivers and stringent capacity makes the intermodal best choice to go with. It is easy to find a driver to move a shipment on a short-haul route as compared to long haul routes, and there is more access to other equipment.

Load Board Logistics

Environmental Friendliness

Want to decrease your supply chain’s carbon footprint? Intermodal shipping can be a great choice. You can help the bottom line and environment at the same time. Shipping by rail decreases the number of miles your freight is on the road.

A study shows that moving freight via rail is four times more fuel-efficient than by road. Trains can move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles per gallon of fuel and the greenhouse gas emissions are lessen by 75% when it is moved via rail.

Utilize Load Board Logistics Intermodal Services

Through our link with major companies, Load Board Logistics customers meet reduced cargo handling, improved security, real-time shipment, single-source billing, and flexibility with each shipment. At Load Board Logistics, we recommend choosing intermodal for your long-haul shipments.

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